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Businesses can manage all bookings by clients in a convenient manner.
Written by Stephanie G.
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Where are my bookings and my appointment?

Beauty care has developed its marketplace, which is called the beauty market. LONCANI is one of the pioneer beauty platforms and mobile Apps that promote black women's beauty and connect them to the expert in the community. 

The platform has an excellent user interface for clients and businesses. Businesses can manage their accounts and their service perfectly. We have also introduced several functions like bookings management, account management, and client management. LONCANI allows service providers to control their time slots and availability calendar efficiently.

For checking bookings and appointments:

  • Get login into your account with valid login credentials.
  • Look at your dashboard for the notifications, user interface, and other profiles.
  • Click the "Bookings" option to explore the "Bookings" page.

Booking status

LONCANI has created its platform in a customized manner that provides ultimate options with different functionalities. Whenever you have a look at bookings, you can find various categories as followings:

  • Pending: Whenever we make bookings as a customer, these bookings appear as pending bookings before getting approved by the services provider. Before approving these bookings, service providers check and match these bookings with their availability and alignment with their terms and conditions. These bookings remain in the pending section before getting approval from beauty experts. Except if the beauty expert allows instant booking
  • Approved: When a customer makes a booking for any listed service, it requires approval from the business if they don't allow instant booking. If beauty and wellness experts confirm their availability and willingness to render their expertise, they can approve to confirm the booking. 
  • Cancelled: LONCANI is always aiming to ease both parties. That is why it allows both parties to cancel the appointment. 
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