How to avoid double bookings in your availability calendar?

LONCANI's listing and bookings are very simple to use. But businesses have to arrange a booking system in a perfect way...
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LONCANI is the fastest-growing beauty platform. It provides a range of services readily available to clients. It allows you to add listings which are resembling with the idea of gigs. It allows the clients to have a survey of your services and expertise.

LONCANI's listing system and bookings are very simple to use. But businesses have to arrange a booking system in a perfect way to avoid double bookings. For this purpose, please have an understanding of the following terms:

Global calendar set up

Single listing calendar option

  • LONCANI allows you to create a working calendar for your services. While creating listings for your services, or in the business settings, you can set your available schedules in your calendar.  

  • LONCANI has a great option for service providers to manage bookings through iCalendar. Calendar programs allow you to export what is called an iCalendar (. ics or iCal) feed URL. This feed URL contains event data (like times, dates, location, title, description, and time zone) in a standard format. Also, there is a unique identifier or “UID” for each event.

  • Setting Up calendar Sync with listing booking is not complicated. If your listing has any iCal feed imported, and if it does, it imports all dates from those feeds to create a reservation in the bookings table. This happens immediately if you add a feed, and if you delete the feed it removes all reservations added from that feed. Those reservations are not visible in your Bookings form on your listing, they are just stored in the database to block available dates for your listing.

1. First of all, you have to create a file with extensions .ical, ics, .ibf, or calendar.  

2. Then you need the URL of that calendar. 

3. You have to add that URL in a particular listing.

  • To find the iCal URL for a particular calendar, click the "Export Calendar" button. On the menu which pops open, select " iCal Feed," then on the "Calendar Feeds" window, simply click "Get Standard iCal URL."

  • People can associate the iCalendar format with Apple products, but it's actually an open standard, and Google Calendar supports it. This means that both iCalendar downloads and iCalendar URLs work well with Google's online calendar, though the way to add them is somewhat hidden.

  • Most applications support the iCalendar format (also called iCal or ICS format). This provides a standard way to allow one application to view and display calendar data from another application. This process is more convenient than manually maintaining two versions of the same calendar.

  • iCalendar is the standard Internet format for exchanging calendar information. It's supported by most calendar software, including Google Calendar, Hotmail Calendar, Outlook, Apple iCal, and Lotus Notes. It can also produce an iCalendar feed that enables that same information to appear automatically on other sites.
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