How to edit my listing after it is published?

You can make changes regarding everything, including addresses, titles, and descriptions.
Written by Stephanie G.
Updated 1 year ago

Due diligence is always required while creating your listings. But, in the case of dissatisfaction, don't be upset. LONCANI provides you with an option to revise and edit your listings, and you can also make changes regarding addresses, titles, and descriptions.

How to edit your listings?

Log into your account. You can find "My Listing" on the left side menu. Your listings are categorized as "Active, pending, and expired." Your published listings are under the "Active"  category. Click on an active option, and all active listings will appear. Click on the listing which needs improvements. There you can find the edit option. By clicking on edit, you can edit and improve your listing.  

After reviewing your editing, the final step is "save changes." After submission of saving changes in your listings, your listing will be published instantly.

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