What are Booking Payment options?

NO MORE NO SHOW situation. Request for a small deposit while the client book the appointment.
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This feature is la creme de la creme...

The booking payment option is a feature that allows you to request payment at the time of booking. The deposit can be a percentage of the total amount or a fixed amount. 

What are the options?

The deposit can be a percentage of the total amount or a fixed amount, and both are available. If you choose a deposit, you can select a % or the total amount of the service.

Below is a detailed video that explains how it works and how to set up this option in your account.

How does a payment deposit work? 

While adding your listing, you will see the booking option in the booking settings. 
Once you choose a deposit, the customer will be billed the amount requested at checkout. But after service completion, the remaining amount will be automatically deducted from your customer card to complete the payment. 

Booking status with deposit:

Inside the booking details, you will see partial payment as a tag, and that means the customers paid the deposit. 

Ps: this feature is available on the paid plan. Check here to see our pricing table. 
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