Why and how should I get my listing verified?

It makes users confident: we offer approval to listings that are according to terms and conditions.
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You don't have to verify your listing and profile again for each one you publish. It's a one-time procedure.

On LONCANI, a beautician can create their professional profiles and portfolios. We always facilitate our prestigious users to provide quality services. LONCANI allows users to create their listings according to their skills and expertise. A listing is your gig, which plays the role of advertisement for your services. We offer approval to listings that are according to terms and conditions.

How to get a listing approved?

LONCANI has a range of articles, demos, templates, and videos related creation of a perfect listing. You can get an idea about listing after having a complete understanding of the terms and conditions. It is highly suggested that don't ignore terms and conditions, they are very simple and help worthy. A listing cannot be approved if it is violating terms and conditions. These are steps regarding listing and its approval.

  1. Listing in the beauty industry: LONCANI allows beauticians to create listings for their services. These listings act like ads and portfolio. Your listings provide a complete understanding of your services. After creating a listing, Loncani publishes on LONCANI's site and other social media platforms. How to create a perfect listing is perfectly explained in the following moods:
  2. (a) Article: How to create the perfect listing
  3. (b) Template of sample listings
  4. (c) Video tutorial explaining the creation of a perfect listing
  5. (d) Onboading leading to set a perfect profile and listing

2. Listing has description and pricing: LONCANI has introduced a detailed description for your listing. You can explain your skills and expertise. You can explain your experiences and make an impressive pitch. LONCANI doesn't interfere with your pricing. It allows you to set adequate prices for your listings. LONCANI always suggest competing for the market with competitive rates acceptable to your customers.

3. Enabling booking on listing: A listing without enabling bookings means the beautician is not accepting bookings or she is not ready to wok. So, if you are ready to accept bookings then make sure that your booking option is enabled. LONCANI makes it enable by default while creating the listing. So, it is suggested that check enable status regularly.

4. Listing has correct pictures: Your listings are your ads. To make your ads detailed and attractive. LONCANI allow the beauty experts to add pictures as a sample work. These pictures will explain your level of expertise to your customers. LONCANI suggests reading terms and conditions regarding picture additions. The addition of correct pictures will create perfection in your listings. It will also provide you a chance of instant approval of your listings.

5. Listing has a real user: LONCANI believes in quality services. We always restrict the use of spam data and false statements. Our team always works hard to verify the users' data and sure the implication of the terms and conditions. For the creation of the perfect listing, always be real, honest, and use the latest data regarding your profile and listings.

Why verify a listing?

1. It makes users confident: LONCANI has provided different articles and demo videos regarding perfect listings. It also has explained terms and conditions regarding a valid listing. Whenever a listing implies with the terms and conditions of the LONCANI, it gets approved. The verification process makes a listing valid and acceptable to the customers. A customer prefers to book a verified listing. A user with a verified listing is always inspired and confident. Our technical team is always there to verify your listings if they are according to terms and conditions.

2. Customers believe owner with verified listings: It is human nature that we always move toward trustworthy and quality services. According to research studies, people can compromise on prices but not to quality services. LONCANI always appreciate the listing verification. We have introduced a simple and efficient process of verification. To be trustworthy, you should apply for the verification process.

3. Get "verified" badge on your listings: We are willing to furnish your listings with "verified" badge. It will definitely authenticate your listings and make them trustworthy. Without this badge, a listing seems to be incomplete.

How to get their listing to verify?

1. Select the list which needs to get verify: LONCANI has provided a range of articles, demos, templates, and videos regarding the creation of a perfect listing. For verification of a listing, it should be according to terms and conditions. Before applying for verification, please assure is your listing aligned with the terms and conditions of the LONCANI.

2. Click on "Not Verified? Claim this listing!": After the selection of appropriate listing, you can see its status not verified. For the verification process, click on "Not Verified? Claim this listing!". It will lead you to a new page for further processes. It is suggested that listing should be according to terms and conditions, so make this factor sure before the verification claim.

3. Fill the form and send us back: for verification process, you have to fill a simple form. It ask only necessary informtion like name, email, and URL of the listings. It also required proof of the documents like, I.D., picture, and proof of listing. You can add more details regarding your document in the message section and submit query.

4. Review of the application: LONCANI has a great team of experts. Our technical team will review your application and will check whether it is according to LONCANI's terms and conditions or not? If they find applications correct, then they will approve it immediately. 

5. Verified listings: LONCANI's team is an efficient one. It will respond you back and will notify the status of your application, They will upgrade your listing to verified one. The verified listing will be owning the verified sign as well. The verified listings will play an important role in the growth of your business.

The verification process is very simple. It will not much time to complete. This is a one-time process. Which means you have to apply for verification at first listing. Later on, the beauty experts don't need to fill the form again for another listing. LONCANI's team will perform the verification by itself. LONCANI is working hard to establish a perfect online beauty market. So, join us and let's glorify the beauty industry. 

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