Why and How to get your listing featured?

Featured listings are those which appear first on LONCANI's home page.
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At LONCANI, beauticians create listings for their services which act was a gig. We approve and publish these listings on our web portal and social pages. These listings play an essential role in the marketing of your services. LONCANI also verify these listings if they are according to terms and conditions. We are excited to announce an amazing attribute that will make your listings more effective. This attribute is titled featured listings.

What is "Featured Listing"

Featured listings are those which appear first on LONCANI's home page. It is straightforward to understand the importance of a listing which appears first. It gets more impressions which leads it to get more booking. Featured listings on the following attributes:

  • They appear first on the home page
  • They appear first in the search results
  • they get more impressions and views
  • They seem to get more orders
  • They are according to SEOs of the google search rules

How to check whether a listing is featured or not?

It is a commonly asked question. How to check whether a listing is featured or not? There is a badge for this purpose. If a listing respect the criteria of featured listings, we will add the "Featured" badge.

How to get a listing featured?

LONCANI always tries to value hardworking and quality service providers. We introduced simple criteria for featured listings. To get a listing featured, you have to note the following points:

  • Well-detailed listing: Whenever you try to create a listing, there are many sections. We recommend filling all areas carefully and putting the correct information in the right section. Every detail must be precise and to the point. 
  • Reviews and feedback from clients:  LONCANI team introduced a smooth and trustworthy system of ranking and feedback. Clients can review and rate your services according to their experience. 
  • The service provider is an active one: LONCANI value only active members. Inactive members without regular activities are not eligible for featured listings. To get your listings featured, be regular and engaged with your clients.
  • The service provider has a good response time: Response time is one of the most essential characteristics of featured listings. LONCANI always suggest that users be active and responsive to their clients, and responsive users are considered trustworthy.
  • SEOs rules: SEOs play an essential role in the ranking of listings. Take care of SEOs while creating a listing. Add proper tags and keywords in detail and descriptions of the listings. It will help out your listings to reach the first page.

The described points are basic rules about featured listings. LONCANI is going to introduce a subscription plan for featured listings. Please note that before our subscription plan, all featured listings will remain featured as long as they respect the criteria to get featured.

A featured listing is a paid option. 
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