Main features to know: Core features of LONCANI

Written by Stephanie G.
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As a beauty and wellness professional, you are always in the lookout of services to help you spread your offers to customers. LONCANI provides the best solution.

1. Listing

LONCANI is a listing platform. Being part of the Loncani listings can provide freelance professionals an avenue that is accessible to all beauty and wellness shoppers, for local customers and travellers alike. This is a platform that supports a business listing that can be readily accessed online thus, giving the service providers visibility and convenience for the beauty and wellness shoppers. With a much bigger chance of reaching more customers through online listings, beauty and wellness professionals have higher chance in increasing their business.

There are three listing types that LONCANI caters to. 

Services - Beauty and wellness professionals can now offer their services through services listings. Here, the service professional can highlight  the beauty and wellness services they offer and compete in the beauty industry in answering to the challenging demands of the clientele.

Rent - For best rental deals for the customers, Loncani gives you the chance to showcase your tools or property. This is most advantageous for the beauty and wellness shopper who may require a specialized service that may include renting specific equipment or exclusive venues.

Event - Without having to browse through several listings all over the internet, your customers can riffle over your listing and find your offers. You may add planned workshops, seminars and the likes in your listing to reach a wide variety of leads.

2. Bookings 

Being part of Loncani offers flexibility like no other, booking a service, rental or an event can be made through the platform. Here, the beauty and wellness shopper can browse through the different schedules and make appointments fast and easy for both the service providers and the customers. Convenience is a key component in the Loncani platform, being able to book a service, rental or an event by browsing through the different services offered and schedules can greatly enhance the shopping experience. 

3. Online Product Sales

Aside from listing and booking, Loncani delivers the needs of most beauty and wellness professionals by giving you a stage to exhibit your goods. Loncani believes that there are beauty and wellness service providers out there like you who can offer more than just services. Right through the platform itself, you can now sell your own products in a fast and most convenient way.

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