Sells and Earning report

LONCALI Store includes a user-friendly report feature where you can immediately get an overview of your earnings
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So let's see what the selling report feature includes one by one:-

The report includes five major parts:

  • Overview
  • Sales by day
  • Top Selling
  • Top Earning
  • Statement


Sales Overview shows on the report page. On the top of the report, there are some options by which seller could view his sales report total overview, by day overview, top sale product reports and top earner product reports.

Sales by Day

The seller could view his one day order in this option. The report shows one day total selling total, the average, the total number of order, total purchased product number, coupon details, and one-day sales graph.

Top Selling Products

In the option,top seller a seller could view his top-selling products and its total sale number with selling ratio graph line.

Top Earning Products

The seller could view his top selling products total selling amount in the option, top earner. The option could view manually by date.


The statement will show up your transactions analyzing their debit-credit aspects. It will also demonstrate the transaction date, transaction id, Type, and Balance, or those transactions.

Earning Reports By Day

This is the page that will load to when you click on the ‘Reports' tab from the sidebar by default. This earning report by day page will show the earning report of a certain period of days selected from the calendar above.

Earning Reports By The Year

After clicking on the “By Year” option in the “Reports” tab, the page will display the earning report of certain year selected from the year drop-down menu above. Simply select a year from above and click show to generate the earning reports of that particular year.

Earning Reports By Vendor

Clicking on the “By Vendor” button at the top in the “Reports” section will display the earning report of a certain vendor selected from the list of the vendor from the drop-down menu of Store Name. Just simply select the listed vendor from the store name menu bar and the period from which you want to display the earning report of and then click on the ‘Show’ button to generate the earning report of that particular vendor.

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