How to add products with bulk import?

Save time with the import in bulk feature. Add many products at once.
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The import feature allows you to export or import your products along with their details. It supports .xml and .csv format files.

This option can be a great form of utility for you as a vendor to keep backups of product data and upload data at any time.  


Log in to your vendor account. Navigate to Vendor Dashboard→Tools.

Select the Import tab.

Importing as XML

If you want to import your data and information as XML, just select your existing .xml file by clicking on Browse. Then click the red Import button.

Your product information would be restored shortly. However, you must restore the image files for the products in the /wp-content/uploads folder manually.

Importing Products as CSV File

To import your backed up products as CSV, click on the Import button.

Choose the CSV file from your computer  you want to import and click on the Continue button. On the next step, you will have to map columns and finally import. When the process is complete, you will get a confirmation message. Now you can check your products on the listing page.

Step 1: Map your CSV file against the column file

Step 2: Import will start


Log in with your vendor account. Navigate to Vendor Dashboard→Tools.

Export as XML

Select the option you need from All, Product or Variation, and hit the Export button. An .xml file with all your product data will be compiled and downloaded.

A file like the following will be downloaded instantly, with your product data in XML form:

Keep the file in a secure storage and you can use it later upon any accidental deletion. Restore lost data if the site gets hacked.

Exporting Products as CSV File

Click on the Export button under Export CSV.

You will be taken to a new page to fill out the following fields:

You can either export all columns and product types or choose specific ones. Select to export all custom meta if you want.

After configuring, hit the Generate CSV button. You will get processing screen and after completing a CSV file will automatically be downloaded.

A file like the following will be downloaded instantly, with all your product data in CSV format:

Export as CSV

Save the file for later usage.

Use Import & Export feature directly from the Products Tab

Vendors can also use this feature from their Product listing page.

Navigate to Vendor Dashboard → Products.

You will notice two buttons at top left corner titled – Import and Export.

Click on the buttons to get started with the same process.


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