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How does listing work, and what should you know?

It is frequently asked the question “What is meant by listings my services and how do these work?”.Let's see here.
Written by Stephanie G.
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The history of fashion and wellness starts with the history of mankind. Researchers and historians claimed that early humans had started to hunt for food and wear for protection and look. It has always been a title of debates “What is beauty” by Greek philosophers. As humans have been evolved with the passage of time so their fashion and wellness sense also evolved with time. Past human history indicates that beauty and wellness were not a thing of necessity in past but nowadays, it is an important part of our routines. 

Now, we are living in an age where we have to take care of our looks and wellness. We have to visit beauticians, health care, and exercise. In our busy routines, it is much difficult to manage job, home, and visits to beauticians. LONCANI is one of the pioneer platforms which offered an amazing solution to this problem. It is an online platform that provides you easy access to the best beauty and wellness experts. Now, you have the freedom to select an expert one from a given list of beauticians and wellness experts. You can select, view, analyze, and make bookings for the best beauty and wellness experts by using your smart devices. 

How listing works on LONCANI and what should I know

           LONCANI is the fastest growing beauty and wellness platform in the country. It is also recognized by top beauty brands and celebrities. For creating a booking for any products and services, our valued customers have to visit listings for required products or services. It is frequently asked the question “What is means by listings and how these works?”. Listings are basically customized portfolios of specific a service where services provider can add details, images, rates, terms and conditions, and other necessary information. Listings work like ads that explain the nature, details, and feedbacks of a specific service. There is the following important information provided by a listing: 

  • Services title and nature
  • Descriptions and explanation
  • Images of work
  • Customized rates
  • Terms and conditions
  • Maps and geographical locations
  • Calendars and available time slots
  • Contact information 
  • Customers reviews
  • Verification status


These listings are a complete portfolio which is a reflection of the professionalism and expertise of the services provider. A customer can assess many things from published listings. A customer can make a good analysis of the services provider by analyzing listings. It is recommended that make a perfect selection of the listing before making a booking. A customer should know the following feature from the listings for a better understating of the functionality of the listings.

  • Listings are portfolios of the service providers. There may be multiple listings for the same service. Make a perfect selection of listings by analyzing available listings.
  • Each listing contains images of previous work done. It is suggested to have a visit of the showcase of the media attached with the listing for a better understanding of the listing. 
  • Each listing has a calendar and available time slots. For a wise decision, please align your availability with the availability of the time slot. 
  • Verified listings are those which are according to the rules of the LONCANI. Verified listings are strongly recommended. 
  • It is also suggested to have a look at the terms and conditions of the listings. Sometimes there are policies related to refunds etc. A customer should also have a look at it. 
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