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Your account and your profile settings

It is very simple to make changes in your account settings regarding personal details, password settings, and cookies managements.
LONCANI is the fastest growing beauty platform. It provides a range of services readily available for clients. We are prudent to claim, the LONCANI is going to revolutionize the era of the beauty market. We aimed to beautify every human face on this planet. We are prudent to announce that we have made it very convenient to access the best and well-reputed beauticians. Public beauty is our strategy. Our CEO believes in the following words:
“Personality development is a continuous process but, adding visual improvements can lead a personality toward professional prestige”
Our aims reflect our business nature and our commitment toward our goals. That’s why we have created a smooth and convenient user interface of the LONCANI. LONCANI provides you easy access to the best beauty and wellness experts at a single click. It is simple to create a personal account at LONCANI and avail the best services.

Account and your profile settings

As already mentioned, creating an account at LONCANI is very simple and required a few clicks and some basic information. It takes only a few moments to create a client’s account. If you are looking to make settings regarding your account then follow the following steps.
  • Get login: First of all, you have to get the login to your account by giving an email and password.
  • Getting access to your profile: After getting login you will be directed to your dashboard. For accounts and profile settings, click on “MY ACCOUNT”. Select the “MY PROFILE” option. It will lead you toward your account and profile settings.

Profile Details

After getting directed on the accounts and profile setting page, you will have first look at profile details. It includes the followings:
  • Profile Picture
  • First Namee
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • About me
If you are willing to change any of the personal detail, you can simply click in the text box and change it according to your requirements. LONCANI suggests adding a professional note in the “About me” section. Use specific but appealing words reflective of your expertise.

Password change

If you are willing to protect your account by making changes, be there at the “Change Password” slab. You can change your password by adding a current password, new password, and confirm the new password. LONCANI advises to set a standardized password and keep it private.

Cookies Management

Cookies are small text files with short data pieces of a web. Sometimes in order to maintain a logarithm of web data, we have to allow cookies. These cookies help you to make a website easily accessible and smooth loading. LONCANI allows you to manage and set cookies preferences by yourself.
For cookies management, go to “Manage Your Cooking Preferences”. You can see different sub parts of cookies settings as below:
  • Privacy overview
  • Strictly necessary cookies
  • Additional cookies
  • Additional cookies
  • Cookies policy
You can change settings regarding these cookies, enable, and disable them. You can read descriptions and intros as well by clicking sub-categories. LONCANI always assures our client’s privacy.
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