How Do I Add and Change My Availability?

If at any given time you would like to change details to your listing, such as your availability, LONCANI makes it easier for you.
Written by Stephanie G.
Updated 1 year ago

First, log-in to your professional account by going to our website and log-in with your email address and password.

On the top left corner of the page click on your Dashboard, scroll down and go to My Listings. From here you will have a drop down menu that will show your Active, Pending, and Expired listings.

Choose the listing that you would like to edit and then scroll down to see the Edit button then click on it.

On the edit page of your listing, go to the Availability section. You may now edit your availability. It is good to note that the booking widget has a default time picker for bookings from Monday to Sunday.

Another feature of LONCANI that is handy is that you can also set your available days. This is very convenient for when you are on a holiday or in cases of emergency.

Go ahead and scroll down to the Availability Calendar. Note that you can edit the days in a month where you may be unavailable for your customers. 

Once you are satisfied with the changes, please click on Preview to review the updated information and click on Save Changes.

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