How does listing work, and what should you know?

It is frequently asked the question “What is meant by listings my services and how do these work?”.Let's see here.
Written by Stephanie G.
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LONCANI is one of the pioneer platforms for black community which offered a wonderful solution to showcase your work and your services.  

How listing works on LONCANI and what should I know

For creating a booking for any products and services, our valued customers have to visit listings for required products or services. Listings are basically customized portfolios of a specific service where the professional can add details, images, rates, terms and conditions, and other necessary information. Listings work like ads that explain the nature, details, and feedback of a specific service. There is the following important information provided on a listing: 

  • Services title and nature
  • Descriptions and explanation
  • Images of work
  • Customized rates
  • Terms and conditions
  • Maps and geographical locations
  • Calendars and available time slots
  • Contact information 
  • Customers reviews
  • Verification status

These listings are a complete portfolio which reflects the professionalism and expertise of the service's provider. A customer can make a good analysis of the services provider by analyzing listings. 

  • Listings are your services. There may be multiple listings for the same professional.
  • Each listing contains images of previous work done. 
  • Some listings have a calendar and available time slots. 
  • Verified listings are those which are according to the rules of the LONCANI.
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