How to get support from the LONCANI team?

LONCANI always facilitates all stakeholders and willing to provide high-level support to all users.
Written by Stephanie G.
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LONCANI always facilitates all stakeholders and willing to provide high-level support to all users. For that, we have created FAQs and articles with due diligence. 

If you are looking for a more help option, simply click "Help" under the menu, and a pop menu will open.

  • Videoo Tuto
  • Facebook Group
  • Docs/FAQ
  • Templates
  • Webinar
  • Chat with us
  • Share ideas
  • Report a bug
  • Community
  • Free migration
  • Set-Up Service
  • Book a  call

  1. Video Tuto:  According to researchers, the visual sources of communication are best. It is also agreed that moving objects are always attention-worthy and can be saved instantly in our memory system. LONCANI has created a Video Hub, a YouTube channel with creative videos on how to use LONCANI. Subscribe to LONCANI's Youtube channel and stay tuned with our latest news.
  2. Facebook Group: LONCANI owns a Facebook group with hundreds of participants. We have a Facebook page as well. People can join our Facebook group to be updated with our newsfeed, and they can participate in different discussions as well.
  3. Docs/FAQ: LONCANI has created a database of articles and FAQs for users. We have created a set of articles and FAQs that users can generally ask, and our team will add newly asked queries there.
  4. Templates: If you are looking for a sample of perfect listings, the "Templates" page is here. We have created some samples here. You can compare your listings or can get an idea of how to create a perfect list. After getting an idea from these sample listings, you can create your perfect listings.
  5. Webinars: LONCANI aims to arrange different webinars on a regular base. The era of information has changed, and Online sessions and webinars are the best way of learning and knowledge transmission. LONCANI is willing to engage beauticians with live sessions regarding their fields. We also have introduced "suggest a webinar," where users can suggest niche and details of interesting webinars.
  6. Chat with us:  we provide a live chat button to users. In the case of need, click on the live chat button. We will warmly welcome your queries and will resolve issues. We are prudent of our support team because they are best at problem-solving.
  7. Share idea: LONCANI is a user-centred platform to serve the society in the best ways in our community. We always welcome and respect the ideas and suggestions recommended by our users, and we always wait for your precious ideas and suggestions. So, if you have a suggestion, don't be late and click the button "Share idea".
  8. Report a bug: LONCANI is continuing its journey toward perfection. Our technical team works hard to maintain things in the best manner. Still, improvements are always there. We have created a page named "Report a bug," where you can submit a report-related bug.
  9. Still need help, book a call: LONCANI has introduced a number of help choices where you can satisfy your queries. Feel free to book a call to satisfy your questions.

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