Membership plan comparison: free VS paid

Each package comes with a set of features. Learn how it works.
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Loncani, a unique website that promotes black-owned beauty care and wellness companies, has great membership plans that you can choose according to your needs, and we are going to explain them to you in great detail.

There are three plans available: basic, pro, and plus, which are free, $29, and $49.The three plans come with different benefits, and you can start for free and then upgrade according to your needs.


Unlimited listing

You can add unlimited listings to all three plans: basic, pro, and plus. 

Listing videos and photos 

The three plans give you the option to add videos and photos to each listing.

Reporting and Analysis 

You can better understand your profile visibility with the reporting and analytic features that are available for each plan; this will give you an idea of how much reach your business has. 


You can add multiple business addresses in the pro and plus plans, while the same feature is not part of the basic plan.

Contact information on the listing. 

Only the Pro and Plus plans allow you to put your contact information on your listings, so that potential customers can get in touch with you directly.

Featured in search results 

The Pro and Plus plans are the only ones that let your company name show up at the top of search results. 


Unlimited Booking 

This feature is part of the Pro or Plus plan and lets your customers book your service online.

Appointment Reminder

This feature that is included in the Pro and Plus plans is absolutely great as it will avoid a no-show situation for you. It will send a reminder by email and SMS to your customer one day before the appointment. Pro has appointment reminders through email, while the Plus plan gives reminders through email or SMS as well.

Booking payment options 

This facility is available on Pro and Plus plans, where a customer has to pay a token amount or the full cost of the service being availed at the time of booking.

Availability Management 

If you join Lonacni as a Pro or Plus member, you can tell each service and listing if you are available or not.

Calendar Management 

You can manage your calendar inside your dashboard if you subscribe to the Pro and Plus plans.

Calendar Synchronization (iCal)

The subscription to the Pro and Plus plans gives you the added advantage of syncing your Loncani calendar with other popular calendars, like that of Google.

Selling and sales 

Dedicated online store 

If you want to sell your beauty products online, all three plans (Basic, Pro, and Plus) give you a dedicated online store to do so.

Shipping and order tracking management 

With this feature, you can remain at the top of the game, track your shipping and orders, and keep yourself and your customers informed. This feature is available for all plans.

Product Inventory Management 

You must remain up to date about your inventory, and this feature does exactly that as it keeps you informed about any additions or follow-ups on your product inventory and is included in all the plans.

Order Management 

Order management keeps track of all the received and shipped orders and is mandatory for all plans. 

Connect service and product sales

This is a great feature that is included in the Pro and Plus plans, and it enumerates that you can link service sales with products that you are selling in your online store. For example, if you are selling a face cream, you can say that you also do facials and massages for the face.

Statement Report 

Loncani also wants to keep you apprised of how much money you’re making by giving you a sales report. The basic plan will receive a basic report, whereas the pro and plus plans will receive an advanced report.

Payment Processing 

Integration of online payment 

This feature is only available on the Pro and Plus plans, and it lets you accept online payments for bookings and sales of products.

Earnings Report and Payout History 

We also give you an idea of how much you are making on Loncani by providing you with an earnings report and payout history if you take the Pro and Plus plans.

Team Member 

Add a team member to your profile. 

You can add other employees to your profile at Loncani, and this feature allows you to add up to 3 members in the Pro plan and 5 or more members in the Plus plan. The Basic Plan does not include this feature.

Team Calendar

You can manage your team calendar on a single calendar, and this feature is only available in the Pro and Plus plans.

Team Availability 

Managing a team is a tedious process. This feature gives you a great facility where the admin or the team member can manage team member availability, and this feature is only in the Pro plan.

Login Facility

This feature allows each member of your team to login to your Loncani account with their login details, and this feature is available only in the Plus plan.

Client Management (CRM) 

Client database 

Only the Pro and Plus plans include a client database. 

Basic Client History 

Basic client history, which will tell you about the services a customer availed of, the products they bought, and the time the services were availed, is only included in the Pro and Plus plans.

Advance Client History 

Advance client history will empower you to give the customer the exact service that is needed and required, and this feature comes with the Plus plan.


SEO Visibility

In today’s era, SEO visibility is primary, as this gives you a wider network. Loncani optimizes your business profile to make you appear in Google search results, giving you a better client reach. This feature is available on the Basic, Pro, and Plus plans.

Coupon Code Creation 

You can also create coupon codes for one product or all of your products that are featured on the Loncani online store, and this feature is available for all three plans.

Online Advertising 

Loncani also promotes your products on Google and other social media platforms, and it's available on Pro and Plus plans.

Lead Generation 

The lead generation feature is available on the Plus plan only. 

Social Media 

Social media integration on listings 

With this feature, you can add information about your social media accounts to your Loncani profile. It's available on the Pro and Plus plans.

Facebook Integration 

You can also publish your Loncani business and service page on Facebook so that your clients can book your services online. This feature is part of all three membership plans.

Instagram Booking Integration 

You can also publish your Loncani business and service page on Instagram to give your customers the opportunity to book the services online. This feature is available with all membership plans.

Priority Support 

Email Support 

Loncani will give you email support, and we have made this feature available on all three plans: Basic, Pro, and Plus.

Live Chat Assistance

We will provide you with live chat support if you subscribe to the Pro and Plus plans. 

Priority Support 

Loncani will assign you a dedicated account manager and give you priority with our support team. All your queries will be dealt with promptly, and this feature comes with the Plus plan.


Online Platform 

You have the facility to access the Loncani platform 24/7, and we have made this standard on all our plans.

Mobile Application 

Loncani also has a mobile app that lets you check your profile and answer customer questions at any time of the day or night.

LONCANI is a platform that helps black-owned beauty businesses grow online by giving them a place to advertise their services, a flexible scheduling system, the ability to take online payments, and the chance to get client feedback and respond to it.

We have explained our membership plans in detail so that you can subscribe to them and we can build a solid foundation.

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