A step-by-step guide to adding your services

Now that you have decided to join LONCANI and have already set up your account let's add your services
Written by Stephanie G.
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Listing here on LONCANI is your service page. We suggest that you group your service by category and add each category as a listing. 


Now that you have decided to join LONCANI and have already set up your own account, the next burning question would be, how do I add my listing? Well, here at LONCANI we provide you with the best opportunities and the most user-friendly listing platform. As a listing platform, we have devised a plan where you can input details that are important to the beauty and wellness shoppers, this way they can browse through our listings and find your services that will best suit their needs. Once you have decided on the listing package you want it is time for us to get you ready for your first listing. The steps are as follows:

First, you must go to our platform www.loncani.ca. Be sure to then log in to your account using your email and password. Once you have logged in on the top right corner of the page click on the button “Add Listing”. 

It will then take you to the page where you can choose the best package that will serve your business. Once you have decided on the package scroll to the bottom and click on the “Submit Listing” button.

You will then be taken to our listing page, here you will have to choose the listing type for your business which come in three categories:  Service, Rent, or Event. Choose from the three categories which one best suits your business and click on the button to proceed. 

As a guide, we will add a service listing.

Now that you are in this page, let us get you started by adding an eye-catching listing. Type in the title you would like to give your offer. We do suggest that you come up with a title that gives the gist of your business. For an example you may click on the “?” icon next to the title heading to give you an idea of what you can come up with for your business as a listing title.

Under “Category” choose from our list, that which best suits your business. Remember to choose one to be able to fill in details that will follow. Next is your “Service Category. Be certain to select the foremost service category choose from the given list to reach the right customers at the right time. In the “Keywords” box, type in a maximum of fifteen keywords that relate to your business. Remember to separate them with a comma. You may click on the “?” icon for some examples. Think of the best words that depicts to your business. This will be helpful for customers to narrow down their listing searches. Then proceed to the “Amenities” list. Here, tick the boxes that contain the amenities that you can provide your customers. Mark multiple boxes if needed to show future customers the amenities you offer. To ensure that customers will be clear with the listing they want to book, add the languages that you work with in the boxes provided.

As in all businesses, location is paramount to your success, type in your exact address of your location to make it easier for your customers to find you.

In the “Friendly Address” field, key in the possible landmarks or easy to remember places in you neighborhood for your customers to locate you. Be sure to add as many points of interest in your area. You can then choose the region where you are from for your customers to find a more general location to your business. Click on “Longitude and Latitude”. This is now available for LONCANI listers to make it easier for the customers to find you using the Global Positioning System (GPS).

In the “Media” field, this makes your listing more social media friendly. With more customers looking into your work and searching for some pictures or videos of your work, you can now highlight these by uploading pictures, and adding a video by sharing your video URLs to your listing page. By sharing to your customers a glimpse of the work that you do and the services you provide, your listing creates an impact to your visual customers.

Under “Details and Contacts” section, write a compelling depiction of your listing in the "Description" box. It is best to write a comprehensive presentation detailing your listing. Also, fill in the details on how your future customers can contact you by adding your “Phone”, “Website”, and “E-mail”. With the "Contact" widget enabled, a contact form will be shown on your listing page. You will receive notifications once customers reach out to you through the form.

Here in the “Business Opening Hours” sections, you can now customize your business opening hours on a daily basis. Input your opening and closing time of the day when you can provide your services to your customers.

The next is the “Pricing and Bookable Options” section. You may customize your fees and options for your future customers. Set the “Minimum” and  “Maximum” prices respectively to reflect only the price and not the price range of your listing. The “Regular Price” box is for the price you set on a regular business day typically from Monday to Friday. If you prefer not to show the pricing table, check the option only show the bookable services but hides the pricing table.

It is now time to proceed to your> “Booking Settings”. Here, you can modify the booking options to fit your business. Add a fee on the “Weekend Price” as the price you charge for services required during the weekend. Also, “Booking Fee” is the one-time booking fee you will charge your future customers when they avail of the booking service. Key in the period when “Reservation Expires After” as an option for you to let your future customers know the amount of time you are willing to wait for them to make the booking payment. Proceed to “Enable Instant Booking” which means that all bookings will be approved as soon as this option is toggled to enable. To “Enable Price per Guest” toggle to the right to automatically compute the total price cost per guest. Now move to “Maximum Number of Guest” to give you the control of the total number of guest you can serve effectively during a given weekend.

Let's take off to the “Booking” area of your listing page. When enabled, a booking widget will be added to your listing with the details below.

You can customize the time of the day for when you are open for bookings.  Your future customers can then choose the time they can avail of your services. In the “Availability Calendar” you can click on the days when you are not available. By default, the booking widget on your listing when enabled has a time picker.

In the “Additional Important Information”, fill in your “Cancellation Policy” URL which discusses briefly some important points you would like your customers to consider when cancelling their reservations. In the “Refund Policy”, fill in the URL to the refund policy which states the conditions for refunds. 

And finally, click on the button “Preview” for you to be able to review your listing before you finalize your listing and then click submit. There you have it! You now have made a detailed listing of your services offered for your future beauty and wellness shoppers.

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