Tips & tricks to create the perfect listing

An attractive and perfect listing appeals to clients' attention.
Written by Stephanie G.
Updated 1 year ago

Listing at LONCANI is very simple and easy to create. Your listings play an important role in developing your business and goodwill. An attractive and perfect listing appeals to clients' attention and encourages them to make an order for your services and products. LONCANI always aims to help you in the best way to create your listings.

Here, LONCANI suggests some important tips to help you stand from the crown.

  1. Select the correct type of your listing.

After clicking on " Add Listing," three types of listings appear. LONCANI allow the listing of services, rent, and event. All of these types are explained as follows:

  • Services: If you are a beauty expert willing to render your skills and expertise at your place or any other prescribed place, it can be named as beauty services. Your beauty services may include facial care, hairs care, nails care, or fitness care, etc.
  • Rent: LONCANI allows you to list your tangible assets for rent. You can rent out an aesthetic salon, workspace, shared place, and even your extra chair, and you can charge an adequate amount for using these assets.
  • Event: LONCANI always aims to educate people about beauty and fitness care, which is why we have created a particular category for events. You can hold training sessions for beauty care,  special events, and talk shows to educate the public regarding care and fitness. 

2. Use of proper keywords:

Appropriate keywords always allow users to search for a specific listing easily. They also play an essential role in the ranking of your listing. LONCANI suggests the use of proper keywords while creating listings. Some keywords are most demanding, so do adequate research before using any specific keyword.

3. Accurate address:

The ambiguous address is always causing many difficulties to the clients and other stakeholders. A perfect listing always possesses an accurate and specific address. Try to add your address in Google Maps. It will allow your client to follow the correct pathway to reach your workspace.

4. Showcase your perfect work sample:

LONCANI allows beauty experts to add images and videos of their excellent work done. Your showcase is vital in explaining your quality work capabilities and expertise. So, it is suggested that please always try to capture attractively done jobs. LONCANI allows both types of media, i.e. images and video links. Will you add appealing media to attract your clients?

5. Details and descriptions:

Always use correct and specific details. LONCANI always suggests using active contact details in your listings. An accurate description of your listings makes it easy to understand your expertise. Always follow the 7 C's while writing the description of your listing. Your description must be clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous. It is also suggested to follow SEO's rules in writing descriptions. It will make your listing viral and ranking, bringing many clients.

6. Adequate pricing and additional information:

Rates always seem influential during decision-making. Using an appropriate pricing schedule while adding a new listing is highly recommended. LONCANI also allows you to add additional information regarding your specific working terms and policies like as cancellations and refund policies.

LONCANI has explained the terms and conditions for listings. It is highly recommended that you please go through these terms and conditions. Our team will reject a listing violating our terms and conditions. LONCANI has provided onboarding, videos, demos, templates, and articles regarding creating listings. Our team worked hard to facilitate the users conveniently.
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