Understand the different status of your listing.

Listings showcase your services, so it is highly recommended to create your listings diligently. We will help you.
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LONCANI is an efficient and user-friendly platform for both users and clients. It brings the best beauty experts to a single place and provides a chance to customers to experience quality services. We approve only well-created and complete listings because we must maintain quality over quantity. 

What is listing: Whenever we are willing to sell a product or render a service, we have to market it. For this purpose, we have to prepare advertisements like flyers, videos, or different other modes of announcements. LONCANI allows beauticians to add listings regarding their services. These listings are like service gigs or advertisements and contain all details regarding your services. LONCANI publishes these listings on web portals and social media pages as well. Listings showcase your services, so it is highly recommended to create your listings diligently. 

Listing status

Listings play an essential role in the marketing of your services. After submission of the listing, our team review these listing and verify them. A listing may own any of these statuses:

  • Online: An accurate listing created according to the terms and conditions of LONCANI gets approved and published at LONCANI. Such listing is readily available for customers' bookings. 
  • Pending: Whenever a beauty expert creates a listing and submits it, it comes in "Pending" before approval. All pending listings need approval from LONCANI technical support team. Please note that LONCANI approves listings which do not violate our terms and conditions. It is suggested that before creating listings, read terms and conditions, look at related articles, and watch videos explaining the method of listing creation and sample templates. 
  • Expired: Expired listings are those which were active in the past but not active anymore. Events-related listings get expired after the date of the event. 
  • Draft: listings started and not finished, and you intend to complete them later. So, you can save them as a draft. 


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