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On LONCANI, all bookings are categorized into three types based on their status. Learn more here
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LONCANI plays an important role in connecting clients with the best beauty experts worldwide. It aimed to revolutionize the era of beauty and care. Being and looking beautiful is the dream of every individual. And every one of us has the right to be attractive and gorgeous. LONCANI has introduced an easy booking system which bring the best beauticians close to customers.

We made it easy for your clients to book your services being at their locations. They can book your services and products online. LONCANI's booking system is very user-friendly for both parties (customers and beauty experts). Your clients create bookings for beauty services and treatments.

How to find your bookings?

In order to find your bookings, follow the following steps:

  • Get into login page by clicking on "sign in" 
  • Enter your email and password. It will redirect you to your profile.
  • At the right side, you can find your bookings in the main menu. 


Booking status:

LONCANI has categorized all booking into three types based on their status.

  • Pending: These bookings are requested by your client after having a look at your listings and your services. These bookings are just alike offers in a legal term. These bookings need your approval. You can view customer offered budget, location, and type of the required services. You have to read descriptions as well. It is requested by LONCANI, please have a rational look top these bookings before approving it. 

PS: if you have pending booking waiting for approval, that's mean, you did not enable instant booking on your listings. So you want to approve booking first. 

  • Approved: When a beauty expert agreed to proposed terms made by clients, then she can approve these bookings. This mean that you are available to render the service.  

PS: All instant booking are automatically approved. 

  • Cancelled: LONCANI is always aiming to ease both parties. That is why it allows the beauty experts to cancel booking proposed by clients. Your clients can also cancel the booking for any reasons. But Beauty experts can cancel bookings if they find them inadequate to their requirements or they are not available. 

You can approve these bookings according to your availability. Please note, approve your booking diligently. After getting approval from your side, bookings will be included in your to-do calendar. You can follow your calendar to schedule your business hours and meetings. Isn't sound great?

How to approved booking automatically?

If you don't want to approve all booking request before, then you can enable instant booking when you add a listing. Go to Booking setting and toggle enable Instant Booking. 

PS: if you want to enable instant booking, make sure to have the time slot availability setup. Click here if you want to know about time slot availability 

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