How to book a service?

Borrow listings: After getting login LOCANI, reach the top right corner of your dashboard page.
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LONCANI is the fastest growing online beauty platform with a number of amazing features. We aimed to beautify every human face on this planet. We are prudent to announce that we have made it very convenient to access the best and well-reputed beauticians. LONCANI is also introducing some new features regarding beauty training sessions. We have introduced very simple and fast processing of all of LONCANI's functions. Here, we are going to explain, how to book a service:

  • Get login: For making a booking, at first get login to your account, LONCANI has developed a simple and easy to fill the form for signup for the first time. It takes only a few minutes to sign up and get registered on LONCANI. It is always suggested to never forget your email and password provided for registration on LONCANI.

  • Borrow listings: After getting login LOCANI, reach the top right corner of your dashboard page. Click on "BROWSE LISTINGS" for getting access to all listing published on LONCANI. Here, You can find a great number of listings. You can filter out your search by selecting "Any Category" to choose a required category. LONCANI also allows you to enter specified keywords according to your requirements. You can also type in "Location" to narrow down the results of your search.

  • Select right listing: After narrowing down the listings, you will get only your required listings. You will have a list of alternatives for final selection. This is a time to pay your due diligence and select the perfect one. This is a time to undergo these points for the selection of the perfect listing:
  1. check the reviews
  2. check the media attached
  3. check the professionalism
  4. check the status of listings (verification)

Check the location of the listing: Before make a booking, check the location of the services provider. Make it sure, you have selected the listing having a reachable location.

Check descriptions and other details: It is highly suggested to read all details and descriptions. These will help you to make proper diligence regarding booking decisions.

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