How to find the perfect beauty expert for my need?

Written by Stephanie G.
Updated 1 year ago

LONCANI is the best and fastest growing platform for beauty products and services. It is also offering training sessions and different events related to beauty and wellness. We are going to advance the beauty market. Now, your client doesn't need to travel for beauty treatments and wait for their turn. They can book your services for the best available tome slot by being at their place. It will make their lives easy and time-saving.

How to find the perfect beauty expert

LONCANI always cares about its users, we always try our best to bring the best beauticians at your access. Our team ensures quality services by testing the expertise of the services providers. Although there is a complex approval system for the publishing of the listings. However, there are the following tips for the selection of the best beauty expert:

  • User proper keywords: Selection of the required person and services according to accurate requirements. LONCANI's has introduced an efficient feature regarding the listing search. It works very fast and filters perfect results for your search keywords. It is suggested by LONCANI, please use accurate and proper keywords for the search of an ideal service provider. Proper keywords filter out proper results for your requirements.


  • Check reviews: LONCANI always believes in quality services that's why we regulate a number of checks over services providers' performance. We always request our clients to pass honest reviews regarding the services enjoyed. LONCANI doesn't interfere with the ratings provided by clients. It is suggested to clients, please check reviews before booking a service with a new service provider. It will help you to select and decide the perfect one.

  • Verification status: LONCANI provides a chance to top-rated beauticians to get their listings verified. LONCANI has prepared a list of terms and conditions for verification of the best listings. If a listing is a perfect one and aligned with these terms and conditions, our team audit these listings and approve their status. So it is highly suggested please check the status of listings before making a booking. Please note, verified listings bring perfect service providers.

  • Check media: LONCANI allow listing creators to add media in their listings. These listings are the showcase of their services. They can add images and videos of their best. LONCANI advise checking these images and videos before making a booking. This will lead you to pay due diligence and select the best available option.

  • Featured listings: LONCANI always takes care of its clients and users. The listings with professional expertise and best reviews get featured. For getting features, a listing should have 5-star ratings from customers. LONCANI carefully selects the best listings and feature them. Featured listings bring the best services providers at your access.

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