Lean the terms you will find d on LONCANI!
Written by Stephanie G.
Updated 1 year ago


Is the page of your service. Creating a listing is adding a new service to your profile. Each listing will show on a full web page.

Booking form

It is on the listing page. Customer uses this form to book a service or request a service.


Location is the address linked to your listing. It should be the where your business is located or the place where customer should go for their appointment. It is also used for geolocation on the search result on LONCANI.


It is your global calendar where you add your working days. On the free plan, the calendar is set up when you add a listing. On the paid plan, there is a separate setting where your business location is added. On the paid plan, user can add many locations.  

Online store

It's a feature on LONCANI that allow business to create an online store inside LONCANI.  


Business or professional that join the LONCANI platform to offer their services.

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