How to become a Store ON LONCANI Marketplace?

Create your Online store and sell On LONCANI, how does it work?
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LONCANI has a service, and booking feature, but also a selling feature with MY STORE. MY STORE feature has a separate dashboard where you can manage all stores. 
The service dashboard and store dashboard are under the same account. So you don't need two different accounts. 

LONCANI is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the beauty market for the black community. Why LONCANI is getting wide acceptance by the community? The answer is very simple. We are providing swift and easiest access to make bookings and purchases for beauty products and services for our community. We try to approve experienced beauticians and wellness businesses. It is the same for the products. We always host verified and trustworthy beauty products listed on our platform. 

Why create a store on LONCANI:

  • Advancement: LONCANI is an advanced addition to the existing beauty market. As the era has been changed due to technological advancement so, the sell and purchase pattern is also changed. Now, people don’t like to go to bazaars and markets for purchasing a product. They always prefer to order products and services by using digital modes which allow them to make orders online by being at their place. This is the era of online shopping.
  • Convenience: Opening an online store is not an easy job. You have to purchase a domain, hire a web developer, and creating an online directory, etc. Which one is not an easy job. It involves complex steps and formalities. LONCANI is here for this problem, it has made it convenient. Opening a store on LONCANI is very simple and easy without wastage of your mental and monetary efforts.
  • Professionalism: Opening an e-store with the best online directory is a wise decision. This is not an age of classic modes of sale and purchase. The nature of business demands professionalism and online existence. LONCANI provides this existence and professionalism in the simplest and cost-friendly ways.
  • Target customers: It is a dream to get real and organic users to visit your online store. LONCANI has already targeted it. Its visitors are the right audience of beauty products and services.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization plays a key role to get a large number of clients. LONCANI has the best team which takes care of SEO’s and made it highly optimized. Creating a store with LONCANI is a chance to attract a great number of visitors which ultimately will be your customers.
  • Easy Management: LONCANI has created a simple but attractive system for opening of the store and its management. You can manage your product listings, orders, queries, and accounts in an automated channel.
  • Visibility: A sole e-store can be at a negligible position but an online beauty web directory always assures a great chance of visibility to an online audience. LONCANI is one of the top directories in the term of its online visibility.
  • Cost efficiency: As already mentioned creating an online store involve several complexities and costs. LONCANI offers a cost-friendly chance to create an online desk for the sale of your beauty products and services.

How to create an online store on LONCANI

LONCANI is a platform where you can list your products and services. It has introduced the simplest modes to create store-related beauty services and products. Follow the following steps to create an online store on LONCANI:

  • Create an account on LONCANI
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on my store option situated on the right side of "My Account"
  • Click on "Dashboard" to have an overview of your store.
  • You can view products, orders, coupons, reviews, followers, tools, and settings, etc at your menu bar situated on the left side of your page.
  • Here you can change the settings of your store, add products, and can view reports as well.

How it works

Your store is like your selling desk where you can showcase your offered products at official timings. But your online store at LONCANI offers 24 hours access to your products. Customers can check your products, view the media related to your products, and can make orders. They can put their reviews regarding your products on your store as well. You can create offers, promotions, and coupons. Isn't great? 

How your store will look like on LONCANI? 

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