Is it free to join LONCANI store as a vendor?

eCommerce websites have different commission rates, depending on their business model, ranging from 2% to 45%.
Written by Stephanie G.
Updated 1 year ago

Is LONCANI Strore free of use? 

The answer is YES and NO

NO: It's free to list your product and service on the marketplace. 

YES: We charge a percentage when you sell a product. 

You pay us only when you sell on our platform. The commission is calculated on the sales from the marketplace. Our commission rate is 10% for each order. 

Why do we take a commission? 

We have to maintain and upgrade the servers, purchase software license, maintain the website, hire staff, and provide customer support. These costs are non-recurring and are one-time expenses. Ecommerce businesses have very high operational costs compared to physical store-based businesses due to the need for an online infrastructure to support their marketplace. In order to make profits, marketplace businesses typically need to generate more revenue than they spend. We pay all these expenses for you and we bring to you all in one infrastructure to manage your business.

Say, you have received an order of 10$ and the admin has a 10% commission rate. This means the current admin commission is 1$ and you will receive 9$.

We can equate this as:

  1. Order total = 10$
  2. Commission = 10%
  3. Your revenue is = order total – Commission

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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