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What is LONCANI?

Written by Stephanie G.
Updated 1 month ago
LONCANI offer an online marketplace and a mobile app to all users. 

Welcome to LONCANI, the Black-Owned Beauty Marketplace. LONCANI is a resourceful app for customers to find black-owned beauty professionals at their fingertips. The platform helps Black-Owned Beauty businesses grow online.

On the flip side LONCANI provide the fastest and effortless searches for customers looking for a beauty and wellness service provider making life easier and connecting with the best people for the job in just a click away.

    At LONCANI, Businesses can manage, advertise, promote their services, give rebates, vouchers, and sell products right from the online store platforms. Shoppers of beauty and wellness services can now search through an extensive array of service providers that best suit their needs and answer their most specific wants. It is more than just a listing of directory for the beauty industry. The platform also provide and facilitate an uninterrupted transaction for the shopper and businesses from bookings, payments, rewards, and the opportunity to provide a review.

    The platform is more than just an online site of listings for the beauty shopper to browse through services that they are looking for. There is so much more to LONCANI, and the possibilities are available for all beauty and wellness shoppers from the black community.

    With a customer-friendly platform with satisfaction as a paramount factor, customer opinion matters, that is why it allows users to write reviews. It aims to provide a chance for other shoppers to feel the experience they have had with the business, and for the business to identify key areas that might need improvement. Also, LONCANI offers editorial content related to black beauty culture and wellness trends and tips for the community

    For those, those who are self-employed, freelancers and SMEs in the beauty industry, LONCANI offers to reach customers who are looking for beauty and wellness services. Beauty treatments as a luxury, requires time and organization, is an old concept that LONCANI aims to change. The platform ties customers to service providers in an environment that is fast and flexible. Customers can then compare prices and schedules from different beauty care professionals in the most convenient way.

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