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What is Sub Order? One order from multiple vendors?

What happens when a customer makes an order with products from multiple vendors?
Written by Stephanie G.
Updated 1 month ago

We know that there are different types of customers who come to buy things in the marketplace. Some customers prefer to purchase multiple things from different vendors at the same time, or some just buy one under one order.

But in case, if any customer purchases from a different seller in one order, then what will happen? Does it count as one order or make multiple orders.

So how users can get rid of this issue? Let's see:-

How Does LONCANI help you to Manage Sub-Orders?

If an order contains products from multiple sellers, the products, coupons, shipping charges, and everything based on each seller will be split and creates separate sub-orders for every seller from the parent order. Every seller see's the sub-order in their dashboard.

The customer pays the parent order only. If the payment is completed for the parent order, the sub-order statuses will get updated. Every seller manages their orders (sub-order) individually. Once every sub-orders is completed, the parent order is marked completed automatically.


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